After ordering take out meals for so many times these past two years we realized food packaging needs improvements. First of all, for all of us, the clients of many restaurants and cafeterias that enjoy a warm, fresh and healthy meal delivered in a secure sealed packaging. And second of all, for our planet. In Romania more than 50% of the food containers in the restaurant business are made of plastic and this is creating a lot of damage to our environment. Which is why we created Roots Packaging, a place where we are all about creating a solution that is safe, simple, eco conscious, and plastic free.

We have developed a professional system to prepare, pack, heat-seal and deliver meals safely and hygienically for take-away and delivery applications. One of the things our clients love the most about our packages is the sealability of the containers which guarantees hygiene and absence of contamination during deliveries and transport.

Our packages are dual oven safe, freezer resistant, microwave safe, plastic free and eco conscious. Restaurants, cafeterias, street food can now have a multi-tested and reliable, fast and safe system to pack, seal and deliver quality food in biodegradable and compostable containers.

The best food, prepared with care, deserves the safety and functionality of a packaging system made to ensure your customers have a great experience.